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Discussions and Debates

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Author: Moayad13 01/10/19
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Author: viraj 02/11/19
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Time Limit: 90 seconds
Author: Tom Andersen 06/08/18
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Time Limit: 90 seconds
Author: pagallardo 05/13/17

Why Videbate?


One Platform.
Debates and Discussions...
on one platform!

Stimulate dialogues on
current topics

Video for Debate
Make videos of topics
you are passionate about!









Helps in Team Building
Workgroups can build
collabrative concepts.


Enhance Critical Thinking
Develop critical thinking skills by exchanging dialogue.


Refine Your Ideas
Clarify your ideas and thinking by sharing and discussing.


Enhance Communications.
Improve your communications by sharing ideas.


Have Fun!
Win debates and discussions and share them on the Internet.


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