Another great way to make money on Videbate with your content!

Here at Videbate, we believe our content creators should be able to profit from their content.  Shortly we will be offering revenue sharing from our ad streams.  In addition to that, you can also participate in our VideCash program.

What is VideCash?  VideCash is simply Videbate's version of money.  You can buy small blocks of VideCash at our store... Buy VideCash   A minimum block of VideCash can be bought for $6.00.  Once you've paid, the VideCash will show in your account immediately.

Now that you have your VideCash, when you see a debate, discussion or even a cross-talk or response that really resonates, just show your love and donate a few VideCash to them.    Just click on the "Give VideCash to Author" link.  Remember the old saying "It's better to give than to receive"..., Hopefully readers will find your content just as compelling and you'll get lots of VideCash as well!

Even better, once you have built up that stockpile of VideCash from all the great content you've created, you get to cash in any portion of your VideCash whenever you like!  You will get a direct payment from our Paypal account, or if you like, a check. ($1.50 fee).  Please allow up to 4 days for handling.  Click here to cash in your VideCash:  VideCash Conversion

You can check to see how much VideCash you have by clicking here:  My VideCash