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Does kneeling disrepect the flag?

Some football players have started taking a knee during the National anthem as a protest. Is this a valid protest, or is this disrespecting the flag?

Russian Interference or a Witch-hunt?

A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate if the Russians interfered in the presidential election. Is this a valid investigation or just a political witch-hunt?

Is Feminism Still Relevant?

Many young women and celebrities identify themselves as feminists. The feminist movement fights for equality between men and women. However, is feminism still relevant in this day and age?

Is the media reporting fairly on Trump?

Is the media reporting fairly on President Trump? Or is the media showing a bias? The two sides are Fairly VS Unfairly.

100 Days Successful vs Not Successful

President Trump has just completed his 1st 100 days in office. This debate is whether or not President Trump's time in office has been "Successful" or "Not Successful".

the world superpower debate USA versus China

The world superpower debate compares diplomacy, democracy , military power and economy of each country