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You must use one of the original RUN DMC beats for your song

Waiting for " Sucker MCs" response
Waiting for: "Its Like That" response

Is Darth Vador the strongest master of the Dark side? Or is there a stronger member of the Sith and Master? If so,...

Waiting for: "No, Darth Vador was not the strongest." response
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Vote your belief.

Waiting for " Yes Obama is a Christian " response
Waiting for: "No Obama is not a Christian " response

Some football players have started taking a knee during the National anthem as a protest. Is this a valid protest,...

Waiting for " Valid Protest" response
Waiting for: "Disrecting the Flag." response

A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate if the Russians interfered in the presidential election. Is...

Waiting for " Valid Investigation" response
Waiting for: "Witch-hunt" response