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African American rappers are demeaning the struggles of their own ancestors

There has been a rising trend among African American rappers that they have been using the N-word in their songs' lyrics every now and then. Knowing that there is a huge context to the black struggle against oppression and verbal abuse in America, these things should be taken into consideration. Recently, there have been a few incidents in the entertainment industry that clearly depict the extent of counter-racism and hypocrisy of Black American rappers against the white folks in terms of how they should address the black community in their art as a whole.

Darth Vador, Master of the "Dark side"?

Is Darth Vador the strongest master of the Dark side? Or is there a stronger member of the Sith and Master? If so, who is it?

MCU vs DCEU: Which is Better?

Marvel and DC have competed previously in comic books. Now their rivalry extends to their respective cinematic universes. Considering everything they've brought to the table, there's still no denying that one CU may be the stronger one. So, which CU is better?